Our Fresh Roasted Beans

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Welcome to Greenfield Coffee Company! We are a local family business owned and operated in Hancock County, Indiana.

Our Passion:

Back in the 90’s while on tour working in the music business, I (Mark) was able to visit some coffee shops in Seattle, and I was hooked by discovering actual real, fresh coffee that tasted alive! I bought my first roaster in 1995 and have since roasted from hobby to professional.

A fresh cup of coffee is a rarity in our fast paced culture. Our goal is to help coffee lovers to be able to enjoy fresh coffee, always. What that means, in our opinion, is always having coffee no more than a week from when it was roasted. By being a micro-roaster doing micro batches, we will only roast as needed. Our beans are not roasted until you are ready to take them home!

Coffee made at home or work is often disappointing, even when it’s made from beans purchased from a good roaster. There are several components to making great coffee, but no matter how much care and skill is involved each step of the way, if the coffee is stale, the coffee won’t be very good, no matter the care taken in brewing and/or the brewing method used.When a bag of whole beans is sold, even from some upscale coffee shops, the beans were roasted sometimes days, weeks, or even months prior to your purchase. Each batch and bean variety is unique, but in our opinion, roasted beans generally reach peak flavor starting around day 3 or 4, but into week 2, much of the freshness is often history.

Nothing tastes better than food grown and prepared with loving care, in smaller batches far away from industrial models. When coffee has all the right components, the flavors are alive. Most people in our microwave society have never really tasted fresh coffee. This is why we strive to be informational. Our years in farming were spent trying to educate about the benefits to both flavor and health between artisan small scale natural farming systems and big industrial agricultural systems. We are what we eat. When we ingest foods from plants and animals raised on pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and hormones, we suffer the consequences that ravish our society. The same concept applies to coffee, one of the most popular liquid foods. The importance of our health is non-negotiable. This is why we are committed to only use beans grown on organic farms. All of our coffees are certified organic. This is very important to us as coffee is one of the heaviest sprayed crops. Organic coffee has many health benefits. We are committed to Fair Trade, and ultimately Direct Trade so that the farmers receive fair compensation for their work. Since the coffee bush is unable to grow in Indiana, the plants are grown in different parts of the world and the raw green beans are harvested and shipped north. The green beans will then need to be roasted before the coffee can be prepared. Unlike store-bought coffee, which is roasted in centralized commercialized industrial factories, we roast the raw beans right here in Hancock County. When you buy local, you make a choice that benefits our community.

We are missional. We support mission projects both locally and beyond. Some of the ministries we support are: World Renewal International, The Landing Place of Hancock County, Talitha Koum Women’s Recovery House, and Friends of Recovery, Inc.. Check out their sites and pray about getting involved today!

Your fresh roasted coffee beans can be ordered through our Contact page.

Look forward to a brighter morning with our locally roasted fresh coffee beans – organic and fair trade!



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