Bulletproof Coffee!


Bulletproof Coffee (3a)

Bullet coffee is all the rave today! But have you tried it with our coffee beans that have been freshly roasted? Personally, I prefer to wake up to pure black coffee to savor each note. But after breakfast I’m ready for dessert. 🙂

Mid-morning, a big glass of bullet coffee is the perfect quick snack to jump start my workday. We’ve tried it several ways, but believe simple is efficient. Some will use Brain Octane Oil instead of the coconut oil and replace a whole meal with one cup! Always keep a blender on hand for a quick dessert…

Bulletproof Coffee

1 Tablespoon unsalted grassfed butter
1 Tablespoon organic coconut oil
½ Teaspoon raw local honey
12 oz fresh roasted organic coffee

Blend and enjoy a fuller flavor with all that extra energy!


To start with the best ingredients, visit our CONTACT page to place your order for fresh roasted organic beans!


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