Welcome to our new world! We are making the transition from farming to roasting organic coffee! After the sale of the farm, our heart was and is to live the rest of our lives in missions and Kingdom work. But we firmly believe that we would rather build a business to fund our calling rather than rely on support from others. So, Greenfield Coffee Company is our fusion of business and living with purpose.

This is why we decided to turn a twenty year coffee roasting hobby into our family business! Our niche is that by being a micro-roaster doing micro batches, we will not keep a large inventory of roasted coffee. Coffee sitting around getting stale. We will only roast as needed.

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Back in the 90’s while on tour working in the music business, I was able to visit some coffee shops in Seattle, and I was hooked by discovering actual real, fresh coffee that tasted alive! Nothing tastes better than food grown and prepared with loving care, in smaller batches far away from industrial models. When coffee has all the right components, the flavors are alive. Most people in our microwave society have never really tasted fresh coffee. This is why we strive to be informational. A great way to begin any day is with fresh coffee along with a moment of devotions to reflect on the gifts we’ve been given, and look to the day ahead.

There are several components to making great coffee, but no matter how much care and skill is involved each step of the way, if the coffee is stale, nothing can compensate for that. When a bag of whole beans is sold, even from some upscale coffee shops, the beans were roasted sometimes days, weeks, or even months prior to your purchase. Each batch and bean variety is unique, but in our opinion, roasted beans generally reach peak flavor starting around day 3 or 4, but into week 2, much of the freshness is often history.  Our beans are not roasted until you are ready to take them home.

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My years in farming were spent trying to educate about the benefits to both flavor and health between artisan small scale natural farming systems and big industrial agricultural systems. We are what we eat. When we ingest foods from plants and animals raised on pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and hormones, we suffer the consequences that ravish our society. The same concept applies to coffee. The importance of our health is non-negotiable. This is why we are committed to only use beans grown on organic farms. We are also committed to Fair Trade, and ultimately Direct Trade so that the farmers get fair compensation for their work. When you buy local, you make a choice that benefits our community.

The overall process of preparing a great cup of coffee will have a huge impact on the taste. We will talk in the future about different brewing methods that may introduce you to a new world of enjoyment, and how changing your morning routine is not a lot of extra effort and well worth the extra depths of flavor!

Be sure to look around our developing site and let us know what you think…and maybe order a bag of fresh beans to begin your day on a great note!


Mark & Nora Apple
Text or Call: 317-695-0018


Greenfield Coffee Company
Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans


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